Friday, January 28, 2011

hebat la tu..haha

first time dapat good attempt dari Madam N *ignore me, focus on the paper*

assalamualaikum semua....

nampak tak gambar besar gedabak tu? haha. tu la kali pertama aku dapat 'good attempt' dari Madam N. agaknya macam susah la kan nak dapat 'good attempt' tu (susah ke?).haha. kalau dulu asyik 'redraft' je. sekarang bila dah dapat 'good attempt' tu, bangga la tu..haha. tapi aku ni tak la hebat mana pun. kena asyik buat pembetulan je pun satu je yang 'good attempt'. yang satu lagi kena 'redraft' balik.haha sedih betul. tapi tak apa, cuba lagi untuk dapat yang terbaik. 'good attempt' dari Madam N adalah amat berharga. hoho.

okay la...nak buat keje Sir H plak...banyak sangat assignments yang dalam 'on-the-list'. mungkin tak baik untuk kita yang mengeluh, tapi itu la manusia, kan? *hurm...*

Friday, January 21, 2011

all those hectic days

assalamualaikum to all readers..

"Q: so hows life been going so far?
A: good... just fine doing here. "

This dialog keep playing inside my head. i'd been VERY busy these days. that's explain why i couldn't help myself updating my blog. my bad. so sorry for that.

after i came back from the mid semester break, many things happened. some of them should be cherished and remembered, while the others better left behind, be ignored. i wish that those things won't happen to me, but i guess, we learnt from the experience, right? so, i better be more careful next time. i don't wanna waste my time, money, energy and etc. on something that even not worth for me. why the hell on earth should i act upon that way? give me a single simple reason. i bet you can't.

'lupakan kisah lama, mulakan hidup baru'. the best Madam N's quotes. haha. yes, it seems to be funny. but, don't you ever think the serious part, lay behind those jokes. i'd been pondered about that for while, thinking maybe she's right. forget the past, move on. yeah, how easy life can be, huh? unless you have those computer memories where you can keep the one that you want, delete those that are not needed; then, you can move on.

but i'm just a human being. i have feelings. i have those bad days where people talking bad about me without knowing the truth, when i missed the bus to go to the class, i got low marks for my tests, my friend back stabbed me, i didn't pass my first attempt to get my driving license, being blamed for things i didn't do... i know those feelings.

i'm trying to make myself to become a better person. i have all those resolutions. but i don't have those determinations and courages, in order to achieve the goals in my life. yes, indeed, i have learnt something from the past. but i need more. i don't wanna be the old me. i wanna make a NEW me! that's all that i want... is that so hard?

90% of the experts will say yes due to the laziness contained in my body is too high. low diligentness can't beat it. what a sad person i am... haha

well, i gotta go now. it's time for sleep.. goodnight and sweet dreams everyone :)