Sunday, October 24, 2010

i want a new haircut!

assalamualaikum semua..hope you all are in the pink of health..haha..

aku sebenarnya nk sgt a new haircut.rambut aku dh semakin panjang rambut yg aku rebonding dulu dh x straight skrg aku tengah terfikir-fikir nk buat haircut ape ya.. (yg pasti kena rebonding balik rambut!) haha.tu wajib aku sekarang tgh dilema antara dua...

long silky straight hair yg memang mengancam gitu...

yg ini pun mcm 'hot' jugak. pheewitt!

so sekarang aku x tau nk decide nk buat yg mana.kalau buat yg bob cut,syg plak rambut aku kena potong.aku dh lama teringin nk simpan rambut panjang-panjang.dulu susah coz rambut aku dulu mcm wavy.susah nk jaga.sekarang bila dh rebonding, senang la nk jaga.x dela nk menggerbang sana sini.

tapi kalau tgok yg bob cut pun cantik jugak.agak mengancam di situ.boleh dikatakan 'hot' la jugak.nk kata ikut trend, x jugak aku rase.bagi aku lawa.huhu.

wargh!mcm mane ni? long silky straight hair yg mmg tampak ayu menawan atau pun bob cut yg sememangnya hot gitu?x dpt nk decide.haha. i gotta think it deeply.

p/s: aku x akan WARNAkan rambut aku.aku tau benda tu akan menghalang air utk mengalir kt rambut tu.ianya bukan sesuatu yg boleh menjadikan mandi wajib dan wuduk kita X SAH.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Stress by Mommyof4Ruggies
life is a little bit stressful when it comes to dealing with undesirable problem..and we just didn't know how to handle it, in the right way.

actually, i'm seldom facing these kind of situation as i never figured out how stress can make u be stressful.i always try to cheer up myself, or other people, to avoid stress.

but somehow,i have to admit,i did have my stressful time when it comes to study and relationship.yeah,gotta to admit,'s like, what the heck?

wanna know why?here is an example of how do i get really stressful in relationship:

date:18th july 2010.
i'll never forget those days where i cried my self out,so badly that i guessed it was the worst ever in my life. frankly, i never cry myself for a guy.i used to say, 'never cry for a guy'. but the things that happen at the moment do change me.those tears are eagerly wanna running through my cheeks, but i tried to hold it back. but i couldn't. i just couldn't...

i keep crying and crying till my eyes were like swollen, like i was being stung by the bees.gosh, u can described how ugly it mom and my brothers were asking me what had happen to me but i just keep pretend that there was nothing happened.i'm just fine.i'm okay.i can take care of myself.

i keep blaming myself for what had was like, 'what's wrong with me?am i not pretty enough?was it my attitude?or is it something else?'

yeah,he broke up with me.maybe i don't know u well because we never meet before but somehow, u left me a great memories.yeah, memories from the strangers.weird...

u know how much i like u.but u turned me down, again. sometimes i feel like i'm being fooled by u.being used by u. i'm drowned into my own ocean...

thanks for the is such a great one.

it sucks,right? he left me wondering whether should i wait for him or just moving on to another person.haish.