Friday, February 11, 2011

19 is my new number

assalamualaikum to everyone...

i'm sorry to my readers as i haven't update my blog for such a quite long time. some of you, or most of you might don't know that my birthday has passed few days ago. it was such a great one. 9th february 2011 was one of my best day ever! such a hectic day for me as i'd played the role as DPP in our mtc 037 role play and right after that, my group had the debate assessment. to be more interesting, i'd took over the second speaker and fourth speaker of the opposition. what a day!

the role play (criminal trial)

the debate (4 against 3)

and alhamdulillah, everything gone well. madam atifah, our mtc 037 lecturer praised us for the great job we'd done. and of course, everyone was delighted with the great review. 'good job,good job,good job'. :D

after that, things going to normal. wake up people! it's Sir Harcharan class. and don't you dare to speak or sleep in his class, or he will call you with something hideous, like 'hey, you. yawning like a badak' or 'kepala atok hang'. may seems to be funny, but you don't wanna make him mad at you. take this as a warn, or maybe a piece of advice.

okay, back to the story. as Sir Harcharan class finished earlier than we expected, acap made an announcement, suggesting all of us to go and have some nice dinner at kfc section 7. the best part is, it's someone's treat! everybody was surprised (including me), but right after that, all of us agreed to join the 'makan time'. haha. what can i say, we just love to eat free food.

we gathered at the kfc around 9 pm. but, before that, mila, sofia and me went to secret recipe SACC to buy my all time favourite cake, blueberry cheesecake. it's hard to resist this temptation. haha. sue me. i couldn't help myself! haha.

can you noticed any 'i'm-that-very-happy-girl' in this picture?

the cake, or 'the accused' that makes me fat -__-

after we bought the cake, we then made our way to the KFC. when we reached the place, most of my classmates were already there, waiting with anticipation for more food and their faces were glowing as soon as they saw the undeniably-delicious cake. haha. no, they didn't.they made normal happy face, but not too excited. i'm the one who's overexcited. haha. it's my birthday, so what can i say? i am that happy at that particular time :)

so, when i was looking for other classmates who's on their way to the KFC, i saw afiq, or maybe afiq (i'm not that sure), was making some order at the counter. hence, i came up with my own assumption that he's the one who treated us on that night. but, like i said earlier, it's just my assumption. maybe there's someone else who's paying the bill. but my instinct is giving me such a strong signal that the person is 'him'. most of my female classmates thought that i'm the one who paid for the food and drinks. haha, i'm not that rich to treat 26 people at the same time. well, it doesn't matter who's the one who treated us on that night, but what i wanna say is, how lovely you are to treat us with those nice and simply dinner that consequently, gave me such a long-lasting memories and impacts. thank you :)

everyone was full on that night, i bet it. with tones of chickens and slices of cakes, their faces showed all. how happy and jovial they are. how they do enjoyed the night. for me, it's priceless. unfortunately, not all of us could spend their time with the rest on that night. wafa was ill and amni accompanied her sick roommate to a clinic. some frustration arose as i'm hoping everyone was there to celebrate my birthday altogether, the complete 28 members of LWP02C. but, it's okay. we can gather around again next time, with greater number of people. haha. as the saying goes, the more, the merrier :)

however, my grief doesn't last long. on our way back to mawar, they pranked me with flour and water! i was in complete shock at that time. all of my clothes had turned into white and sticky. euuww!! haha.

i'd render into monster! stay away from me, or i'll eat ya!haha

well, yeah. i don't eat people. i'm a monster that you can be friend with.haha

it is indeed such a great and awesome night for my friends and I. I will never lose track of our 'as sweet as cotton candy' memories and remembrances. for your information, foundation is on their way to finish, and we don't have plenty of time to hang out like we used to. everybody was busy with their assignments and homeworks, and thus, i don't wanna consume much of their time. after the foundation is over, we might never meet afterwards, or maybe, with Allah's will, we will meet each other and reminisce the old time we have been through. I love all of my classmates :')

p/s: this is my honest blog post. when i say that i love all of my classmate, i meant it :)